What Makes it Trustworthy?

Week Four – Question Three

As Fogg explain in his article (Credibility and the World Wide Web, 2003, pp. 147‐181), that the world-wide web has grown dramatically between the time frame of 1999 to 2002, society are becoming so common with online information that they become less questionable of websites credibility. The following dot points inform the viewer of certain elements that can affect the webs trustworthiness.

  • As information and pages on the webpage ages, the information becomes less relevant or out dated with opinions and data.
  • Also as time passes website references deteriorate, pages are removed and becomes unavailable. This makes website references difficult to cross-check
  • Ads and Pop up tabs can become a nuisance and inappropriate at times turning individuals off the information being considered as untrustworthy
  • The use of credit cards online can become risky with countless scams circling
  • If a website is lacking reference information including authors, dates, publishes etc. the viewer can question its credibility
  • Pages that aren’t aesthetically pleasing can have an instant negative connotation
  • When websites are overwhelmed with “lost” images or orphaned links (Error 404) that no longer connect.

To make sure you are reinsuring your subscribers on your credibility, you should consistently be updating your information and references accordingly, and checking images and sources are still active.

Figure 1: For Generation Y – the internet has become so common that it seems that it is becoming essential in everyday life and activities, individuals always online, “Forever Online” (Reblog, 2013)


Feature Image: Angus Gill, 2016, http://www.saxonsgroup.com.au/blog/small-business/4-online-reputation-management-tips-know/

Fogg, B. J. (2003). Credibility and the World Wide Web. (pp. 147‐181). Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

Reblog, 2013, http://rebloggy.com/post/gif-illustration-computer-laptop-internet-artists-on-tumblr-forever-online/39563039437


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