Type of Credibility

Week Four – Activity

Presumed Credibility

The Edith Cowan University Website is an example of what can be considered as Presumed, because the website is used for a University with the attached domain name …edu.au.


screen shot of ECU homepage (2017)

Surface Credibility

Surface sites are pages that aesthetically pleasing at first notice, rather than depending on the url. An example of this is the AQUA, the images and information is presented well with the logo as a major feature.


Screen shot of AQUA home page (2017)

Reputed Credibility

An example of a Reputed website is the CommonWealth Bank Homepage. The audience expects particular information from it that is relevant and accurate.


Screenshot of Commonwealth Bank (2017)

Earned Credibility     

Earned sites are those that have been constant in their accuracy for the viewers needs and are based to filled their desires. An example of this is social media pages such as Facebook. The page focuses on signing up new users and caring for those who are already apart of the subscription.


Screenshot of Facebook Homepage (2017)


Feature image : ChiroHosting, 2017 https://www.chirohosting.com/chiropractic-website-design.php



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