Why is Credibility Important?


It is important for individuals to evaluate websites as it is possible that certain information can be inaccurate and untrustworthy. Across the billions of websites online there is a percentage that aren’t legitimate. A website that lacks both or either of the elements of trustworthiness and expertise, can’t be held credibly with the subject. Fogg explains in his article Credibility and the World Wide Web (2003), “The most credible … products are those perceived to have high levels of trustworthiness and high levels of expertise” (p.124). With the World Wide Web becoming so common as the generations go on, accessibility should be questioned more often, as anyone can create a website despite their knowledge.

information for those who intend on making a website of their own. They give clarification of what is acceptable to include in your website to make it credible, including author, organisation, research, professionalism, updates and error checks. It also provides examples of trustworthy websites that provide the individual with all the information above. (Stanford University, 2002)

To reinsure that a website or information is accurate and trustworthy, the individual must do further research into the topic discussed, checking for creditable sources and that the information is consistent across other platforms.

For a student, it is essential that we only reference and collect information from credible websites where it is consistent and trustworthy.  If a student uses a website that is less trustworthy they may be penalised or receive a mark that isn’t desired.

Figure 1: often webpages that have orphan links will become outdates like an vintage desktop resulting in less trust. LOTUSVIRAL, (2012)


Stanford University. (2002, June). Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility. Retrieved from Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility: https://credibility.stanford.edu/guidelines/

Fogg, B. J. (2003). Credibility and the World Wide Web. In Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do (pp. 122‐125). Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

Feature Image: Stock Photo, 2015 https://stockphotos.io/computers/windows-and-mac-computer-keyboards/

LOTUSVIRAL, (2012) https://www.tumblr.com/search/error%20window


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