Consistency in Everyday Life

Week Two – Question Two / Activity

All over the world the male and female toilet signs are consistent.(Figure 1) No matter the individuals first language the use of a symbol makes it easy for people to know which door to use. Although the figures design varies the formalised layout stays constant. They usually consist of a stick figure of the figure of a woman, male, baby or disabled pressed in the centre of the door around average eye height, to make it efficient for individuals to identify easily.

Figure One: Free Vector, 2015

Another example of everyday products that hold a consistent effective design is the “Apple” brand. (figure 2) The design is simple and follows a formalised design across their products, particularly their iPhone range. Although the details are more advanced as the generations grow, the stylised format from the screen layout to the colour choice in the black, silver and white design. They keep a consistency through their products in a motive for audiences to easy identify with the products as being from the Apple Brand.

Figure Two: Matt Albrecht, 2014


The third design that is consistent all around the world is cutlery. (FIGURE 3) Although each set may have a different visual design or size, they all have a consistent function for eating. They all have elements that must be consistent to effectively eat food. The spoon is used to scoop up food that is liquid or less dense, therefor they need a dip or cradle surface. A knife which is used to cut tougher materials apart, need sharp jagged like edge to be more efficient. Finally, a fork is used to effectively lift solid foods, and overall needs finger like objects. Although a pattern or design may be in branded within the handle. Although all these utensils are different they follow the consistent design principles in order for usability to function effectively.

Figure 3) Table Kings, 2017

feature image: Archispeaking 2015


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