What are Some Examples of Everyday Objects that Reduce Performance Load?

Week Three – Activity

The first example of an everyday object that reduces the performance load is the very accessible laptop. (Figure 1) No matter the brand, each laptops function is to make the creating of documents and work easier, while allowing access to the internet. Prior to the design, individuals would have to use desktop computers or before books. The compact, light weight design makes it easy to transport, on the go work. The inbuilt keypad and mouse allow the individual to use the pad with little physical boundaries and less mental loads, appealing to the individuals need for less performance load.

Figure 1: Apple products are the purest example of objects that make performance load easier. Principles of Web Design Blog (2014) Retrieved from: http://www.visionary.com/web-design-news/principles-of-web-design.html

Another everyday product that is used to make things easier is the invention of the at home Coffee Machine. (Figure 2) The coffee machine is essential to the reduction of performance load as it was created for individuals to experience a fresh professional made coffee in the comforts of their own homes. Rather than spending the physical energies to order and wait for a professional coffee, in a public surrounding. They can press a single button and enjoy. The compact machine can stay on a self and be turned on anytime, with little physical and mental performance loads.

Figure 2: Peter Laube (2014) https://plus.google.com/106091006708967196767

Finally the introduction of the remote control car keys. (Figure 3) Traditional car keys are easy, you can open and close the doors by inserting the key into the lock, same principle implies when starting the engine. However this does involve some physical efforts. The design of the remote control keys allows individuals to open and close a door without inserting the key, they simply press a single button that has an average working distance of ten feet, decreasing the necessary performance load. This will help as the individual doesn’t take the time to physically stop to put the key in the door and drive away, reducing the performance load necessary.

Figure 3: ashley.slaton (2009) https://www.flickr.com/photos/28762626@N04/4863359929/lightbox/







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